A charger for a 40 V "Ikra" battery

Akumuliatorius "Flexo Trim" ir "Tonino Lamborghini" akumuliatoriniams gaminiams View larger

Suitable for: "Ikra" 40 V battery
Fully charged battery: within 3-5 hours.

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Practicality, comfort, high quality and reliability are the features that IKRA products have.

The charger is suitable for charging the 40 V battery to the IKRA, which is suitable for all IKRA 40 V Series products. The product is of high quality, durability and durability.

Suitable for charging: "Ikra" 40 V battery
Fully rechargeable battery: within 3-5 hours

IKRA Mogatec, a German gardening technician, introduces the brands Ikra Mogatec, Flexo Trim and Tonino Lamborghini to the Baltic States and Scandinavia, which are characterized by high quality, durability and functionality. The company has been successful since 1977. when the first trimmer was made. The IKRA Mogatec plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that delivers superior electrical systems, clutch systems and bearing systems. The Mogatec factory produces, laser cutting, grinding and diamond cutting blades that are installed not only in branded products but also in many other world-famous branded products.

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