Nemo Grabo cordless professional vacuum Grabber with carrying case and Gauge

Rated Power: 16W
Battery: 14.8V 2.6Ah Li-ion
DC 14V Working
Working time: 90min.
Charging time: 2h.
Working temp.: 0°- 60°
Weight: 1,5kg.

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Free Warranty: 12 mėn.

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The world’s first portable electric vacuum grabber, grab almost any surface with ease up to 170kg of holding force. The Nemo Grabber is a new patented technology, created by Nemo Power Tools.
The grabber is a new and revolutionary way to handle tiles, concrete, dry walls, plywood windows, and furniture.
The Nemo Grabber is the newest innovation in the power tools industry.
Designed for floorers, carpenters, movers, construction workers and more.

The Nemo Grabber makes moving and placing tile, hardwood and vinyl a breeze, whether you’re laying flooring or covering walls. This powerful tool minimizes the risk of damage to expensive materials and maximizes efficiency, all while reducing physical workload.

Remove and install medium to large windows and doors, including hardwood products, with ease using the Nemo Grabber. Secure the tool directly to the window or door and place it by hand or use it alongside ropes and/or a crane to maintain maximum control.

Streamline framing, finish work and woodwork with the Nemo Grabber. Securely move and place plywood, lumber, beams and drywall quicker and more safely than ever before, all while minimizing the risk of material damage.

Reduce physical exertion and increase safety and speed by using the Nemo Grabber to move appliances, boxes and furniture of all sizes. When used alongside moving straps, the Nemo Grabber makes quick work of moving larger household goods like entertainment centers, washing machines and refrigerators.

Ideal for warehouse workers, the Nemo Grabber increases efficiency while reducing workload and risk of injury. Move machines, boxes and products of all sizes quickly and safely with this powerful, portable tool.

The Nemo Grabber isn’t just for construction and moving professionals. Transform the tool into a temporary, secure handicap rail to making getting in and out of your shower safer and easier.

Our friends from NASA are one of the early adopters, testing the Grabber for future use inside the international space station!

Rated Power: 16W
Battery: 14.8V 2.6Ah Li-ion
DC 14V Working
Working time: 90min.
Charging time: 2h.
Working temp.: 0°- 60°
Weight: 1,5kg.

Lifting Force:

Direction Glass Metal Plastic Wood Ceramic Tile Rough Concrete Dry Wall Rough Slate
Perpendicular hold 170 kg 110 kg 100 kg 100 kg 170 kg 80 kg 75 kg 80 kg
Parallel hold 120 kg 110 kg 100 kg 65 kg 120 kg 80 kg 65 kg 80 kg

Warranty 12 months.


Grabber- 1pcs.

Carrying case- 1pcs,

Battery- 2pcs.

Charger- 1pcs.

Filter- 2pcs.

Ellipsoidal Rubber- 1pcs.

NEMO tools are the first in the world cordless waterproof tools. NEMO tools were designed to use in extreme conditions, shipping, fishing, rescue, military, pharmaceutical and utilities sectors. With NEMO tools people are able to execute works up to 100 meters under water.

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