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NEMO Max Planck 6000 Floodlight

NEMO akumuliatorius 18 V 3 Ah suktukams ir gręžtuvams View larger

Brightness: 6000 Lumens

Maximum depth: 100M

Kelvin color temperature 5700K

Battery charging time: 2 hours

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The Nemo Power Tools Commercial Diving Flood Light is a 6000 lm wide angle (120 degree) white LED floodlight. Constructed of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, the Nemo floodlight features 3 intensity settings (25%, 50% and 100%), operating up to one hour on the highest setting. Additional color settings include a blue light fish attractor mode, a static red light mode for professional underwater photography and color balancing, and a flashing red light mode.  Uses include wide angle illumination, professional underwater photography, videography, and nighttime search and rescue. Designed by Nemo Power tools for commercial divers and professional underwater photographers.

This Powerful light uses 10 “cree LEDs” capable of 10 watts each, making this flood light one of the most powerful dive lights available.

Brightness: 6000 Lumens

Modes: Wide angle white floodlight (3 settings: 25%, 50%, 100%), blue light fish attractor mode, static red light mode, and flashing red light mode

Battery duration: 1 hour operation at high intensity with fully-charged batteries

Materials of construction: Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum

Maximum depth: 100M

Weight: Above water: 440 g (without battery)
Underwater: 40 g

Dimensions: Flashlight: Length:12cm, Diameter:6.5cm
Goodman handle: 10.5cm X 6cm X 3cm

Battery charging time: 2 hours

CRI: 80

Kelvin color temperature 5700K

Includes: 4 lithium ion batteries, battery charger, and Goodman handle

NEMO tools are the first in the world cordless waterproof tools. NEMO tools were designed to use in extreme conditions, shipping, fishing, rescue, military, pharmaceutical and utilities sectors. With NEMO tools people are able to execute works up to 100 meters under water.